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"Blithering Blazes!"


Squeaky the Robot
Victoria the Dinosaur
Diesel the Truck, Johnson the Pink Elephant, Alfred the Green Hot water Bottle, Mcduff the Concertina

Johnson & Friends is an Australian children's television series from the 1990s, about the adventures of Johnson, a stuffed pink elephant and his friends, McDuff, Diesel, Alfred and Squeaky, who belong to a young boy named Michael.

The toys come to life whenever Michael is out or asleep, and embark on many adventures, both in and out of the bedroom. Later on, we are introduced to Victoria, a toy dinosaur, who belongs to Michael's sister, Melissa.

During its lifetime, Johnson & Friends was screened in over 60 countries and was even aired in the USA as a segment on The Fox Cubhouse on Fox Kids  from 1994 until 1996. 


This website has been created by a fan, for those who grew up with the series, and those who worked on it, with the intention of bringing back pleasant memories and keeping the legacy of such a lovely series alive.


I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit, please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, feedback or questions regarding my site or Johnson & Friends in general, via the contact page on the site.



- Joseph Marshall, self-proclaimed 'Johnson' historian.






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