About Me

My name is Joseph Marshall, I am a 20--year-old enthusiast of children's television, an upcoming filmmaker and indefinitely J&F's biggest fan.


I first encountered the series as a child, as it was still on the air. I recall not being able to track down any Johnson merchandise or videos for a long time, although at some point (I believe I would have been 8) I discovered two of the DVDs and the music album at my local library. As one does, I soon grew out of all of my childhood favourites and lost interest in them. However, sometime after this, at the age of 15, I became interested in the preservation and recognition of such wonderful programs. Thomas the Tank Engine, Johnson & Friends, The Noddy Shop and Magic Mountain are all programs I still love to this day amongst several hundred others!


For the most part, I can't actually explain why I'm so interested in children's programming, I can only put it down to nostalgia and appreciation of the hard work that goes into the production of these series. Johnson is one of my top favourites, simply because of how unique it was, in terms of set and character design, camerawork, production style and much more.  I don't think I've ever seen a concertina or hot water bottle anthropomorphised before! 


It wasn't until 2013 that I became interested in Johnson again, I watched a few episodes online to attempt to summon some nostalgia - I don't remember much after that but it led to the purchase of McDuff and Alfred plush toys, a custom made, very derogatory Johnson t-shirt, the Beginnings book, and three VHS tapes. I can now say that my collection consists of over 100 items, ranging from standard VHS tapes, books, the DVD releases, plastic figurines, plush toys, to Japanese, British and Norwegian releases of the episodes on VHS, a mini inflatable Alfred mascot, quilt covers, pillowcases, dominoes, American and Japanese plush toys, among other rare, unique and exclusive items!


There isn't too much to say about me really, I'm an average guy, maybe just a little eccentric...how else would I be able to hold my extreme interest in Johnson!


Some of the many accomplishments I have achieved in my relatively short life include:


  • Completing a short acting course at NIDA (2016).

  • Becoming friends with over 100 extremely talented individuals who are or have been involved in children's television.

  • Currently employed as an editor for Mattel's Thomas & Friends YouTube Channel: "Thomas Creator Collective" series.

  • Visiting America, several times, spending time with composer Dennis Scott in Nashville and producer Rick Siggelkow in New York.

  • Curating a collection of archival footage and sound recordings to do with notable children's TV series.


You may have stumbled upon this site as a member of the cast or crew of the series, or as someone reminiscing the past days of television. Either way, all are welcome on this website. 


If you have any queries, questions, comments, suggestions etc; please feel free to visit the "Contact Me" page on the site, and either email or text/call me. Knowing me, I will reply to your message rather quickly! 


DISCLAIMER: I get a lot of enquiries about whether I will sell any items from the collection. Unfortunately, the answer is, and always will be no. This is not only because I am very attached to the collection - but also because I see it as more of a mini-museum than a 'collection' - museums don't sell their collections, do they? 


- Joseph Marshall, the world's biggest Johnson & Friends fan.

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