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This page is all about the characters who aren't exactly always the centre of attention, but are still relevant to the series.

From Michael's family, to a pack of Hot Water Bottles, this page will most definitely keep readers interested and amused.

Michael is a young boy, who is the owner of Johnson, McDuff, Diesel, Alfred and Squeaky. As of the fourth series, he appears to be between the ages of 5 and 10. Throughout the series, his love for the toys is shown to be almost endless, although there have been times in which he has forgotten them or life's priorities end up in the way, Michael is always there at the end of the day. He is unaware that his toys are sentient, but it's certainly clear that the amount of activity in his bedroom, while he's away, would indicate that he and his family at least have their suspicions. Paranormal Activity, anyone?


In the beginning of the series, he is never far away, and frequently checks up on his toys, but as time progresses, he is shown to prefer playing with his friends over playing with the toys, due to this, he is almost never around for more than a couple of minutes.


Michael's Family

  • Melissa is Michael's sister, and the owner of Victoria. She never appears on screen.

  • Michael's parents are occasionally mentioned throughout the series, however, they never appear physically.

  • Michael's aunt and uncle were mentioned on a few occasions - but of course never appeared.

  • Michael's infant cousin made a non-physical appearance in one of the episodes.

Alfred's friends once visited the bedroom, and surprised the toys very much!

All were performed by Alfred's actor, Peter Browne.

Alphonse is a hot water bottle, and is the complete opposite of Alfred.

He is never cross or gruff, is very gentle, and his catchphrase reflects his character: 

"Blustering Breezes!"

Albert is a hot water bottle, who is more aggressive than Alfred, Alfred seems greatly intimidated by him.

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