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Johnson is a courageous pink elephant, who is considered to be the leader of the toys. He enjoys reading Michael's books, and is quite intelligent, though he has trouble counting higher than 1!

He is Michael's favourite toy, and due to this fact he has been damaged numerous times over the years. He is kind, loyal and thoughtful - his friends usually turn to him when a complication arises.

Although he is very knowledgable - he is very wary of the world outside Michael's bedroom - though he has been known to leave the house on several occasions, both with intent and by accident!

Voice Actor: 



Costume Actors:

GARRY SCALE (Series 1)


JONATHON HENDRY (Series 3 and 4)


US Voice Actor:


  • The elephant noise Johnson occasionally makes was actually not a real sound effect, and was performed by Garry Scale.

  • Johnson's trunk was controlled by one of the costume actor's arms.

  • When Garry Scale auditioned for the role of Johnson, he wasn't too bothered about whether he would receive the role or not - he ended up doing so - and loved the production.

Fun Facts

Portrayed by:


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