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An Afternoon With Johnson & Friends

In 1992, a Johnson & Friends album was produced, and released on CD and cassette by ABC Music.

The album tells the story of the narrator (Paul Bertram), who places a tape recorder in Michael's room, hoping that the toys will leave some sort of message or recording behind. The toys are intrigued by the tape recorder, and sing twelve original songs.



This album is considered to be the series' soundtrack, as many of the songs on the album were later used in the series.



Album credits and info is below




Vocals by:

Garry Scale (as Johnson)

Katrina Sedgwick (as McDuff)

Doug Scroope (as Diesel)

Peter Browne (as Alfred)

Angela Toohey (as Squeaky)

With narration by Paul Bertram

Album Personnel:



Music by Chris Neal / Braedy Neal

Lyrics by John Patterson

Dialogue Direction by Ian Munro

Mixed by Chris Neal / Braedy Neal

1. Johnson & Friends Theme (Chris Neal)

2. Making Music (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

3. Why Is Blue, Blue? (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

4. I'm A Water Bottle (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

5. I'm A Little Robot (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

6. Toys, Toys Wonderful Toys (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

7. I Think I Can* (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

8. How Does An Elephant Walk?** (Braedy Neal / John Patterson)

9. When Michael Sat On Me** (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

10. How I Got Here* (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

11. Alfred & McDuff Duet** (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

12. The Diesel Rap** (Braedy Neal / John Patterson)

13. Sleepy (Chris Neal / John Patterson)

14. Johnson & Friends Theme (Chris Neal)

* = Never used in the series but appears as an instrumental track in US dub.

** = Never used in the series, but made into a music video / appears in other media / different composition used in the series.

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