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Songs From The Toybox

Shortly after the release of the third series, it was decided that 10 songs from the series would be made into music videos and released on VHS. Four episodes, "Camping Trip", "Being Good", "The Television Set" and "The Toy Hospital", all of which previously unreleased on home video, were also included in the release. 


Most of the songs utilised footage from the scenes they appeared in, occasionally cutting to additional footage and showing extended and unused versions of shots. In the case of "How Does An Elephant Walk?", various clips from the series were used to materialise the music video, as it never appeared in an individual episode. 

"When Michael Sat On Me" was built from what appears to be specially-shot footage, as the character movements sync perfectly with the lyrics. It's possible that the footage was shot during production of "The Toy Hospital"
 as it appears to fit in with the episode, story-wise.  Adding to this, the ending of "The Toy Hospital" was removed, cutting straight to "When Michael Sat On Me" after Diesel and McDuff reunite. This implies that the track may have been planned to be part of the episode, but was cut due to timing reasons.


Songs from the Toybox was released by ABC/Roadshow in 1995, but unfortunately did not sell terribly well, as a result, the video has become very rare and sought after.




Vocals by:

Garry Scale (as Johnson)

Katrina Sedgwick (as McDuff)

Doug Scroope (as Diesel)

Peter Browne (as Alfred)

Angela Toohey (as Squeaky)

Character Voices by:

(Same as above except for the following)

Kristen Lyons and Sarah Boddy (as Squeaky)

Deborah Kennedy (as Victoria)

With narration by Paul Bertram

Costume Performers:


Garry Scale (as Johnson)

Arky Michael (as Johnson)

Jonathon Hendry (as Johnson)

Katrina Sedgwick (as McDuff)

Dra McKay (as McDuff)

Bruce Wedderburn (as Diesel)

Matthew Chamberlain (as Diesel)

Peter Browne (as Alfred)

Kristen Lyons (as Squeaky)

Sarah Boddy (as Squeaky)

Elisabeth Easther (as Victoria)

Song 1 - Toys, Toys, Wonderful Toys

Song 2 - How Does An Elephant Walk?*


Episode 1 - The Camping Trip


Song 3 - Why Is Blue, Blue?

Song 4 - Making Music


Episode 2 - Being Good


Song 5 - I Can Do Anything

Song 6 - I'm A Waterbottle


Episode 3 - The Television Set


Song 7 - Alfred & McDuff Duet

Song 8 - I'm A Little Robot


Episode 4 - The Toy Hospital

Song 9 - When Michael Sat On Me*

Song 10 - Sleepy



* = Never used in the series

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